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  • City Provides Update On Availability Of Refuse Collection Trucks On Oahu

City provides update on availability of refuse collection trucks on Oʻahu

HONOLULU -- The City and County of Honolulu's Department of Environmental Services (ENV) wishes to inform the public of the possibility of intermittent delays in curbside refuse and recycling collection due to a shortage of available collection trucks.

ENV has a fleet of 105 side-loader refuse trucks that service the gray, green and blue residential curbside carts on O'ahu. These trucks typically remain in operation for around seven years, sometimes longer, but require significant maintenance and part replacements during that time. To keep the fleet of refuse trucks in good operating condition, the City orders and anticipates receiving around 15 new trucks every year. Additionally, the City orders spare parts on a continuous basis to have inventory available to keep the trucks in operation.

However, ongoing supply chain and manufacturing delays that began in early 2021, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, are now affecting both the production of new trucks and the availability of replacement parts nationwide.

Over the course of the past five fiscal years, beginning in FY2020, the Department of Environmental Services has ordered a total of 73 new side-loader refuse trucks -- 17 trucks in FY2020, 14 trucks in FY2021, 10 trucks in FY2022, 13 trucks in FY2023, and 19 trucks in FY2024 Of the 73 trucks that have been ordered over the past five fiscal years, ENV has only received 17 of them -- and no new trucks have been delivered since November 2020. Prior to 2021, trucks were typically delivered to the City within 12 months of the date they were ordered. Now, orders are taking two or more years to fulfill.

The delay in the delivery of the new trucks the department has ordered means that many of their current trucks are being kept in use for longer than their typical lifespan. As a result, these trucks are increasingly vulnerable to breaking down and require more maintenance than newer trucks.

Looking forward, the City expects to receive 11 new trucks by the end of 2024 and another 15 in 2025. These new trucks will increase ENV's vehicle inventory across multiple base yards and will help to reduce potential delays in collection.

Despite their vehicle challenges, ENV and its dedicated refuse collection workforce are committed to ensuring reliable and uninterrupted refuse collection services, recognizing its importance to residents and good public health.

Residents may contact the Customer Service Department of ENV's Refuse Division at (808) 768-3200 with any questions or concerns. Residents can also check the Refuse Division's website -- -- for information on how to report missed collections.

ENV extends its gratitude to residents for their patience and understanding during this challenging period, and remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering timely refuse collection services.

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