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With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office



September 2023 Minutes




Video recording of this meeting can be found at:

Reports & other meeting materials can be found at:

I. CALL TO ORDER - [0:00:00]: 6:00p.m.

Chair Robert Finley called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. A quorum was established with 10 members present. Note: This 17-member Board requires nine (9) members to establish a quorum to take official board action.

Board Members Present: Robert Boyack, Shotaro Dabbs, Louis Erteschik, Robert Finley, Daniel Jacob, Ken Jacob, Jeff Merz, Greg Misakian, Chad Snater, Lisa Cabanero, Jomel Duldulao, Jillian Anderson, Melissa Filek (6:07p.m.), Sarah Worth (6:11p.m.), and Greg Misakian (6:22p.m.).

Board Members Absent: Kathryn Henski and Michael Brown.

Guests: Captain Keoni Abaya (Honolulu Fire Department); Lieutenant Lieu (Honolulu Police Department); Dominic Dias (Board of Water Supply); Mark Garrity (O ahu Metropolitan, Planning Organization OMPO); Nola Miyasaki (Mayor Rick Blangiardi's Representative); Senator Sharon Moriwaki; Adrian Tam, April Coloretti (Council Chair Tommy Waters Office); Franklin Chung (Department of Budget and Fiscal Services); Rick Egged (Waik k Improvement Association); David Millwood (Millwood Productions); Katie Kaahanui and Trevor Abarzula (Waik k Business Improvement District Association); Ted Grace, Amy Parsons, Hakendra Panala, Lyntillus Boyd, Caroline Brimblecombe, Richard Byron, Carol Wertheim, Gloria Steiner, Pamela Liu, Laura Ruby, Sara Katherine Goldsmith, Mr. Toba, Jason Ito, Allison Schaefers, Katie Millwood, Mary Deneen, Keolu Peralto, John Deutzman, Tim Gary, (Residents) and Judi-Ann Smith-Kauhane (Neighborhood Commission Office). Note: Name was not included if not legible. Total Participants: 45.

Moment of Silence - [0:00:37]: Chair Finley announced the passing of people this past month: two in the Waik k fire, people in the L hain fires, officer Bill Sapolo (Honolulu Police Department) and long-time Board Member John Nigro. A moment of silence for all we had lost.


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) - [0:02:26]: Captain Abaya gave the following report: The HFD report can be found at:

• August 2023: 2 Structure, 1 cooking, 20 activated alarms, 189 medical calls, four motor vehicle collisions with pedestrians, three motor vehicle crashes/collisions, and one hazardous materials incident.

• Safety Tip: Evacuation Planning safety tips were provided. For more information, visit

Questions, comments, and concerns followed - [0:04:15]:

Honolulu Police Department (HPD) District 6 - [0:05:13]: Lieutenant Liu gave the following report: The HPD report can be found at:

• August/July 2023: Robbery: 7/2; burglary: 6/7; theft: 188/182; Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle (UEMV): 21/9; assault: 38/48; sex crimes: 6/4

o Citations: Bike/skateboard on the sidewalk: 20/21; speeding: 365/26; parking: 2,423/2,333; loud muffler: 14/29; and park closures: 99/114.

o Arrests: Park Closures: 7/19

o Total calls of service: 5,101/5,427. For more information, visit

o Member Nigro: Lieutenant Liu commented her condolences about Member Nigro; he was a great person and will truly be missed.

At 6:07p.m. Filek arrived to the meeting. A total of 11 members were Present.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed - [0:07:33].

Board of Water Supply (BWS) - [0:15:24]: Dominic Dias gave the following report: The BWS report can be found at:

• Main Breaks: No Main Breaks to report. No BWS construction in the Waik k area.

• Source Protection Week: Protect our water resources and observe from September 24 through September 30, 2023. For more information, go to

• Member Nigro: Dias gave kind words about Member Nigro, saying he was a dedicated person to the City and County. He will be missed. Vice Chair Erteschik also commented on the loss of Member Nigro and how he was a great man and friend.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed - [0:17:53].

III. PUBLIC EVENTS - [0:18:48]: Public Events for September 2023 are listed on the agenda.

IV. APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR LICENCE - [0:20:45]: No Applications.


NA Smith-Kauhane informed Chair Finley that Nola Miyasaki (Mayor s representative) was on her way to the meeting. As soon as she arrives, she will share the Mayor s report.

Council Member - TOMMY WATERS - [0:21:07]: Coloretti shared Council Chair Waters report. Council Chair Waters apologized; he had three meetings tonight, so Coloretti was in attendance to give his monthly report. His monthly report can be found at: Coloretti highlighted to remember to fill out the Real Tax Credit application. Franklin Chung from the Department of Budget and Fiscal Services (BFS) arrived at the meeting to field any questions regarding the Real Tax Application.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed - [0:23:39]:

Senator - SHARON MORIWAKI - [0:37:14]: Senator Moriwaki s monthly report can be found at: Moriwaki shared her monthly report highlighting the following responses for the community survey, of which Waik k had almost 100 replies, ongoing updates with houselessness in the community, reduction of crime, and sea-level rise at the shoreline. Moriwaki asked the community to participate in giving feedback for the next legislature.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed - [0:40:09]:

Representative - ADRIAN TAM - [0:43:20]: Representative Tam s monthly report can be found at: Tam shared his monthly report highlighting on Wednesday, September 28, 2023, there will be a town hall hosted by Senator Moriwaki and Representative Tam starting at 5:30p.m. located at the Waik k Community Center. Various departments from the City and State will field any questions asked by the community. The House has established 6 working groups to address the devastating fires in L hain and addressed birth control for the over-population of pigeons.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: [0:46:47].

Governors Representative - WILLIAM OKU - [1:01:48]: No representative present. No report. The Governor's monthly report can be found at:


Approval of the August 8, 2023 minutes - [1:02:58]: NA Smith-Kauhane asked if there were any revisions for the board minutes. Worth clarified to the Board and community the rhetoric regarding the terms "Minutes" and "Written Summary for Video Record." Worth informed the board she sent corrections to the written summary for video record, and NA Smith-Kauhane responded if revisions or modifications are more than grammatical, the Secretary (Worth) is responsible for sending a clean set of minutes to the NCO before it is mailed out to the board and community. The Board decided to defer approving the minutes until the next meeting.

Due to Director Nola Miyasaki's arrival, Chair Finley returned to the Elected Officials and Others.

Mayor's Rick Blangiardi s Representative - NOLA MIYASAKI - [1:15:00]: Nola Miyasaki arrived to the meeting and gave the Mayor s report. The Mayor's information can be found at: The Mayor's monthly report can be found online at Miyasaki shared the Mayor s monthly report highlighting Forbes magazine, which has named the City and County of Honolulu as the best public employer and one of the best places to work in Hawai i. Various public safety officers from the City and County have taken trips to M ui to help with the L hain fires. A new Lifeguard tower was built at Kahe Point and gave an update on the resurrection of Verona Village in Ewa. Miyasaki also gave updated responses to last month's Mayor s concerns.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed: [1:22:03]:

Waik k Improvement Association - RICK EGGED - [1:25:42]: Rick Egged shared his monthly report highlighting the upcoming Aloha Festival and an updated report on various beach closures.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed - [1:27:55]:


Formation of Permitted Interaction Group (PIG) to Study the Waik k Street Events - [1:37:40]: Misakian requested if there were any volunteers from the Board and community to assist with the PIG to study the Waik k street events. Worth had volunteered to Chair the group, and Misakian will be part of the group. There were no other volunteers. Finley informed Misakian to let him know ten days before the agenda goes out so he can add this topic.

EIS/EA Report on Kalia Entertainment Facility - Jeff Merz - [1:41:50]: Misakian informed the Board earlier in the meeting during the approval of minutes that the board did not approve this topic. Finley moved on to the formation of committees to address specific community issues.

Formation of Committees to Address Specific Community Issues - Sarah Worth - [1:41:52]: Worth gave an overview of the reasons to create committees for the Waik k Neighborhood Board. NA Smith-Kauhane distributed a handout to all board members regarding the procedures of a committee according to the Neighborhood Plan.

• Noise Pollution Committee - [1:45:47] [1:46:02] Finley moved, and Jacob-Ken seconded to create a Noise Pollution Committee. [1:54:59] Hearing no objections, Finley called for a roll-call vote. The motion failed 4-8-1. (Yes: Anderson, Duldulao, Jacob-Ken, Worth. No: Boyack, Cabanero, Dabbs, Erteschik, Finley, Jacob - Daniel, Merz, Misakian. Abstain: Filek) - [1:57:45].

• Public Safety Committee - [1:57:49]: [1:57:52] Finley moved and Misakian seconded to create a Public Safety Committee. [1:59:50] Worth requested to table this vote to allow the community to speak. Hearing no objections, the creation of board committees was deferred by unanimous vote.

• Community Outreach Committee: Deferred.

• Legislation Committee: Deferred.

• Rules and Procedures Committee: Deferred.

Appointment of Delegates - Neighborhood Plan Rules Section 2-14-125 Apply - [2:00:50]:

• Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to O ahu Metropolitan Planning Office (OMPO) - [2:01:12]: Finley asked for any volunteers to represent the Neighborhood Board. Jacob-Daniel nominated Jacob-Ken for this position. Jacob-Ken volunteered to represent the board. Hearing no objections, Jacob-Ken became the Waik k Neighborhood Board representative on the CAC for OMPO by unanimous vote.

• Development Review - [2:02:21]: Finley asked for a volunteer to provide a technical review of new developing projects. Merz volunteered to provide reviews for the board. Hearing no objections, the board voted by a raise hand vote: 10-0-1 (Merz; Yes: Anderson, Boyack, Cabanero, Dabbs, Duldulao, Erteschik, Filek, Finley, Jacob - Daniel, Merz, Misakian. No: None. Abstain: Worth. ) Jacob-Ken was not included in this vote due to no response via WebEx.


• Governor s Representative - [2:07:20]: Wiencek commented on concerns regarding the lack of representation from the Governor s office. Finley responded the neighborhood board is a City and County entity, and representatives from the State and Federal are not required to attend the meetings.

• Resident Feedback - [2:09:42]: Steiner gave feedback to board members on the lack of respect displayed during the board meeting.

• Laura Ruby - [2:11:21]: Ruby shared her screen regarding her opinions regarding the Ala Wai Bridge. Finley had informed the board and the community about the Ala Wai Bridge; the topic was already discussed. Rudy continued to share her opinion.


• Sub District 1 Report - [2:14:06]: Merz gave his report requesting to re-stripe the crosswalk on Kane-Kapolei.

• Sub District 1 Report - [2:14:21]: Misakian will give his report next month.

• Sub District 3 Report - [2:15:14]: Henski did not attend the meeting.

• Treasurers Report - [2:15:16]: Jacob - Daniel commented, need more money.

• Chair Report - [2:15:18]: Finley commented, need more money.

• Announcements - [2:15:37]: Finley introduced Executive Secretary Lloyd Yonenaka of the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) to speak to the board and the community. Yonenaka commented his appreciation to the board and community for attending the monthly meetings and all the service/work this board has done for the community.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed - [2:19:56]:

ADJOURNMENT - The meeting adjourned at 8:20p.m.

Submitted by: Judi-Ann Smith-Kauhane - Neighborhood Assistant

Reviewed by: Dylan Whitsell - Deputy Director

Final Review:

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