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  • Mayor Blangiardi Takes Action On Bill 52 Relating To The Bullying Of Youth

Mayor Blangiardi takes action on Bill 52 relating to the bullying of youth

Mayor Blangiardi participated in a signing ceremony for Bill 52 at Asing Park in ‘Ewa

HONOLULU – In an effort to prevent bullying of youths in City and County of Honolulu programs on City property, prevent retaliation against those who report bullying, and establish City policies and procedures necessary to provide a protective environment for youth, Mayor Rick Blangiardi signed
Bill 52(22), CD1, FD1 into law today at Asing Park in ‘Ewa.

“We know that bullying can leave a life-long impact on our keiki and cannot be tolerated,” said Mayor Blangiardi. “Bill 52 shows the City’s commitment to ensuring that all our youth feel safe and protected when participating in City programs. It is our responsibility to provide our young people with a place where they feel welcomed and valued for all the qualities that make every child unique.”

“As the parent of children who have been bullied, I feel humbled and proud to be part of the process that will prevent and address the bullying of youth in City programs and on City properties,” Honolulu City Council Member Augie Tulba. “We strive to be a City that is dedicated to promoting a culture of respect, acceptance, and aloha, and this bill will make the future just a little bit brighter for youth who participate in our City programs.”

To view Mayor Blangiardi’s press conference regarding his signing of Bill 52,
click here.

Bill 52, which was introduced by Council Member Tulba, was passed by the Honolulu City Council on January 25, 2023. A signed version of the bill can be found

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