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City pushing free removal of unwanted vehicles

HONOLULU – The Department of Customer Services is urging residents to take the city up on its offer to accept their unwanted vehicles for free.

The urging comes as the department’s Motor Vehicle Control Branch witnesses a 65 percent decrease over the past three years in use of its free Junk Vehicle Program.

The program is designed to help reduce the number of abandoned vehicles on Oʻahu, where about 1 in every 5 unwanted vehicles end up curbside on the public roadways.

“We really need residents to maximize use of the city’s free service to collect unwanted vehicles,” said Kim Hashiro, director of the city’s Department of Customer Services. “Abandoning a vehicle on public roadways is not only illegal, it’s also unsightly and unnecessary.”

Paperwork for the city’s free Junk Vehicle Program involves completing forms for surrendering the vehicle, as well as turning in the license plates, registration and title to a satellite city hall. The surrendered vehicle must also be free of trash, accessible to a tow truck; and have at least two inflated tires for it to be towed.

Surrendering a vehicle to the city does not relieve the owner of any financial responsibility such as liens, criminal charges, or citations.

For information about the city’s Junk Vehicle Program, visit

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