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Self-service kiosks to raise convenience fee by $1

HONOLULU – An extra dollar will be tacked onto the convenience fee for renewing a motor vehicle registration at self-service kiosks.

Starting March 1, the current convenience fee will increase from $3 to $4 for completing a transaction remotely at the bright-yellow, touchscreen terminals, which operate much like ATM machines.

The $1 increase is considered a reasonable fee for the convenience of using unattended retail technology that allows motorists to instantly renew and print vehicle registrations based on their schedule, and outside of normal city business hours at select Safeway and Foodland supermarkets on O‘ahu.

The kiosks are particularly popular during the last week of the month when online and mail-in renewals, which require a minimum of two weeks to process, are no longer an option before the registration expires.

The advantages of the self-service kiosks include being accessible at supermarkets that are open late, if not 24//7, and accepting renewals up to 10 months past the expiration date with a $16 late fee. The $4 convenience fee for the self-service kiosks will be added to the 2.5 percent fee on credit and debit cards assessed by financial institutions when used at any of these terminals.

“The price of convenience has not gone unnoticed in our efforts to develop smarter delivery of this basic government service, and widely turn a trip to renew a motor vehicle registration on O‘ahu into a convenient part of a motorist’s visit to the grocery store,” said Kim Hashiro, acting director of the city’s Department of Customer Services.

Last year, these free-standing terminals processed and printed 136,108 motor vehicle registration renewals in the City and County of Honolulu, representing a 7 percent increase from the previous year.

The self-service kiosks remain the most advanced and convenient of the four ways to register a vehicle on O‘ahu. The other options are: in-person at a satellite city hall; online; or by mail. The online and mail-in options are unable to calculate any late fees that may be due, and require up to 15 business days to receive the card and emblem by mail.

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