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TheBus route modifications and updates effective Sunday, Dec. 5

The City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services announces upcoming modifications and updates to select TheBus routes. These changes will be effective on Sunday, December 5, 2021.

Route 8 (Makiki-Ala Moana-Waikīkī)

  • Route 8 (Ala Moana-Waikīkī) will be extended to Makiki from Ala Moana to provide new convenient service for the densely populated areas and various businesses located along and around Piʻikoi Street and Pensacola Streets.
  • Westbound to Makiki from Waikīkī and Ala Moana Route 8 will stay on Kapiʻolani Boulevard and turn right on Piʻikoi Street, no longer service Kona Street.
  • From Piʻikoi Street, Route 8 will turn left on Wilder Avenue, left on Pensacola Street, and left on Kapiʻolani Boulevard -- returning to Waikīkī via Kapiʻolani and Kalākaua.
  • Route 8 will serve existing bus stops on Wilder Avenue, Pensacola Street, and Kapiʻolani Boulevard and the following new bus stop locations on Piʻikoi Street.
  • Nearside of Makaloa Street, fronting the 615 Piʻikoi Street Office Building.
  • Farside of Rycroft Street, fronting Sheridan Park.
  • Nearside of King Street, fronting the Texaco service station.
  • Nearside of Beretania Street, fronting the Mattress Firm store.
  • Farside of Lunalilo Street, fronting the Piʻikoi Street mini park.

Route 102 (Makiki via Keʻeamoku)

  • Route 17 (Makiki-Ala Moana) will be renumbered and restructured as Route 102 (Makiki via Keʻeamoku).
  • To Ala Moana from Makiki, the Route 102 will service Wilder Avenue eastbound and Keʻeaumoku Street makai-bound, and will no longer service Pensacola Street and Kapiʻolani Boulevard (to be served by Route 8).
  • Route 102 will serve existing bus stops on Wilder Avenue and Keʻeaumoku Street and a new bus stop on Keʻeaumoku Street, makai-bound, farside of Wilder Avenue.

Route 123 (Papakōlea-Pacific Heights)

  • Route 15 (Makiki-Pacific Heights) will be renumbered to Route 123 (Papakōlea-Pacific Heights).
  • There are no changes to current routing or schedule.

Route 44 (Waipahu-Ewa Beach)

  • The Old Fort Weaver Road segment is being discontinued because the Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation's Farrington Highway project will prohibit the left turn from Farrington Highway to Old Fort Weaver Road.

Route 651 (Kāne'ohe Circulator)

  • The Crown Terrace and Windward Community College segments will be discontinued due to infrequent and very low ridership.
  • No changes to current schedule frequency on the remaining route.

DTS continues to evaluate and adjust TheBus routes and schedules to address changes in travel demand and rider needs.

For more information on routes and schedules, please visit

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