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Happily Eva Afta

June 29th--July 16th, 2017

A Hawaii-kine pidgin musical comedy by Lisa Matsumoto & Roslyn Catracchia
from the library of Hawaii favorites

Produced in association with and performed at Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center

This final segment in the original "Once Upon One Time" musical comedy trilogy continues the delightful adaptation of the traditional fairy tales we all know and love. A comedic, local fantasy full of energetic songs and colorful characters, you'll meet Da Six Menehune, Da Tree Fairies, Hauna and Tantaran, Da Wicked Queen and many other local-style and traditional fairy tale characters as they go on a fun and crazy adventure.

For more information visit:

ABOUT KHSPAC: Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center offers classes in acting, music, dance and technical theater at no cost to public school students all over Oahu. The program's mission is based on the belief that performing arts develop important life skills including discipline, teamwork, creativity, self-awareness, confidence, focus, and appreciation of the performing arts. Under the direction of M.J. Matsushita, the program and it's musical and dramatic productions involve about 160 students who present three major productions per school year. KHSPAC is one of three Department of Education learning centers for performing arts on Oahu. For more information visit:

For more information, contact Joanne Libarios at 733-4913

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