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  • Waikiki Neighborhood Board Meeting October 2017 Minutes

With Permission / Courtesy of: City and County of Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office




CALL TO ORDER -- Chair Robert Finley called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.; quorum was established with 11 members present. Note: This 17-member Board requires nine (9) members to establish quorum and to take official board action.

Board Members Present -- Kathryn Henski, Robert Finley, Walt Flood, Nicola Garreaud-Perez, Helen Carroll, Patricia Shields, Gordon Fahey, Grant Giventer, Louis Erteschik, Jeffrey Merz, and Kenneth Wilder.

Board Members Absent -- Jeff Apaka, Jerome Bautista, Adam Ertel, Laura McIntyre, and Mark Smith

Guests -- Firefighter Ken Oishi (Honolulu Fire Department); Dominic Diaz (Board of Water Supply); Mark Yonamine (Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative/Department of Design and Construction Deputy Director); Lynn Fallin (Governor David Ige's Representative); Representative Tom Brower; Councilmember Trevor Ozawa; Rick Egged (Waikiki Improvement Association); Franklin Chung, Victoria Scott, Allan Kaplan, Dave Moskowitz, Amy Allen, D Bidondo, Matthew and Cameron Garman, Roberto Gramciosa, Beth Schippers, Sunu Valakamattom (Residents); Zoe Tanaka (Videographer); and Jackson Coley (Neighborhood Commission Office).

VACANCY SUB DISTRICT 1 -- There were no applicants for the vacancy at this time.


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) -- Firefighter Ken Oishi reported the following:

• Grills on Lanais Response -- Responding to an inquiry from August, 2017 regarding the usage of grills on lanais; Firefighter Oishi stated that following Fire Code Chapter 10 Paragraph; for other than one (1) and two (2) family dwellings, no hibachi, grill, or other similar devices used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose shall be used or kindled on any balcony, under any overhanging portion, or within 10 feet of any structure. Wilder inquired about condominiums who place grills on their lanais and whether or not this was permissible. Firefighter Oishi responded that he did not have an answer at this time and would investigate the matter.

• September 2017 Fire Statistics -- There were 2 wildland/brush fires, 1 nuisance fire, 1 cooking fire, 6 activated alarms, 126 medical emergencies, 1 motor vehicle collision with a pedestrian, 5 motor vehicle crashes, 1 mountain rescue, and 2 ocean rescues.

• Safety Tip: Halloween Safety -- The HFD recommends the following:

o Costume -- When selecting a costume, stay away from from long, trailing fabric, as it can be a trip hazard or attach to an object and cause a fall. If you create your own costume, select fire-resistant materials. If your child is wearing a mask, ensure the eye holes are large enough so they can see out.

o Lights -- Provide children with flashlights to carry for lighting or glow sticks as part of their costume.

o Jack-O-Lanterns -- Use flashlights or a battery-operated candle in a jack-o-lantern. As much as possible, real candles should not be used, as they can be an ignition source for fire if left unattended. If candles are used, keep children away from candles and ensure they are well-supervised at all times when candles are lit.

Honolulu Police Department (HPD) -- No representative was present, no report was given.

Board of Water Supply (BWS) -- Dominic Diaz reported the following:

• Main Breaks -- There were no main breaks reported for the month of September, 2017.

• Preparing Long-Term Financial Plan To Accompany Water Master Plan (WMP) -- As you may recall, last October the BWS adopted its 30-year WMP. The WMP provides vital information to make sound decisions about the water system and keep our water safe, dependable, and affordable. With the WMP as its foundation, the BWS has been preparing a 30-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP identifies the timing and costs of projects needed to keep our water system healthy. Very soon, the 30-year CIP will be accompanied by a long-term Financial Plan (FP) the will form the basis for our upcoming Water Rate Study (WRS). The FP will guide the BWS on how to pay for water facilities and programs, using both cash and borrowing, The WRS will inform us on how much to charge our customers. To assist in this planning, we have just launched a new survey so you may provide your opinions about important issues for our FP and WRS. I encourage you to take it, and also tell your friends and family. Again, our website is The long-term FP will be presented to the BWS board at the end of this year. New rates will be reviewed during summer 2018 and it is anticipated that new rates would be effective in 2019. The BWS is fully committed to an open and transparent process; we encourage you to attend our board meetings or review the meeting minutes posted on our website at In addition, BWS is planning on holding at least four (4) regional community meetings to discuss the CIP, FP and anticipated rate increase. Meeting locations, dates, and times to be determined. Please contact us at 748-5000 if you have any questions.


Anti-Panhandling Legislation -- Resident Victoria Scott circulated a handout and reported the following: During a recent trip to Miami, Florida, Scott learned that legislation prohibited panhandling in certain areas in Miami under the Miami Code of Ordinances Part 2 Chapter 37-8. Scott stated that she regularly walks through Waikiki and expressed concern at frequent solicitations from panhandlers. Scott stated that the frequency of panhandling discouraged her from visiting more areas in Waikiki and expressed concern that tourists would experience similar feelings which could have a negative impact on the economy. Scott stated that she was unsure what steps would need to be taken to implement similar legislation in Waikiki and advocated that City officials and agencies consider introducing legislation to prohibit panhandling in certain parts of Waikiki.

Park Cleaning Equipment -- Resident Allan Kaplan circulated a handout and reported the following: The small park at the Princess Kaiulani Statue located at Kaiulani Avenue and Kuhio Avenue experienced a decrease in the frequency of high pressure water cleanings. Kaplan stated that he inquired about the decreased cleanings and was informed that the pressure washer used to clean the area was broken. Kaplan reported on an area along Kalakaua Avenue where there are four (4) cabanas, stating that the area was being cleaned inefficiently as there were too many people and not enough equipment for the cleaning. Kaplan inquired about a lack of available equipment for cleaning these public spaces and requested that more equipment be obtained to improve the cleaning of public spaces.

Homeless Urinating In Public -- Henski reported that her daughter witnessed a homeless woman urinating in public at the bus stop on Paokalani Avenue and Kuhio Avenue across from the Hyatt hotel. Henski expressed concern over the incident and advocated taking action to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Chair Finley stated that the Neighborhood Board had supported past legislation to prevent similar activity, however he was unsure if the legislation passed. Merz commented on the homeless situation in Waikiki and advocated introduction of the anti-panhandling legislation that Scott had previously discussed.

Crime And Police Presence In Waikiki -- Resident Dave Moskowitz expressed concern regarding increasing crime and a lack of police enforcement in Waikiki. Moskowitz criticized Mayor Kirk Caldwell and voiced concern regarding a lack of improvement in Waikiki. Moskowitz advocated calling the Mayor's Office at (808) 768-4141 to express concerns.

HPD Foot Patrol -- Resident Amy Allen inquired about a lack of HPD personnel patrolling Waikiki on foot or bicycle. Allen stated she believed these methods would deter criminal activity and could lead to a faster response from police personnel.

Leaf Blowers -- Resident Allen expressed concern regarding City personnel using leaf blowers to clean public spaces and inquired if alternative methods could be used to limit the noise pollution in Waikiki.

Homeless In Waikiki -- A resident expressed concerns regarding a lack of planning for where to send homeless individuals when they are removed from encampments. Chair Finley encouraged attendees to view Neighborhood Board #9 Waikiki's Tuesday, September 12, 2017 meeting online at as there was a lengthy presentation delivered by the Office of Housing (HOU) Executive Director Marc Alexander regarding homeless and the City's ongoing efforts to address the homeless issue in Honolulu.


• Friday, November 10, 2017, evening time to be determined. Hawaii Five-0 Delayed Premiere Event.

• Saturday, November 11, 2017, day time to be determined. 99th World War One Anniversary Event.

• Friday, November 24, 2017, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Waikiki Holiday Parade.

• Sunday, December 3, 2017, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Street Bikers Toys for Tots Ride.

• Thursday, December 7, 2017, 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Pearl Harbor Memorial Anniversary Parade.

• Saturday, December 9, 2017, 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Kalakaua Merrie Mile Run.

• Sunday, December 10, 2017, 5:00 1:00 p.m. Honolulu Marathon.


• Island Vintage Organic Wine and Pizza, Royal Hawaiian Center, Thursday, November 9, 2017, Category 1 Beer and Wine Service.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell's Representative -- Deputy Director Mark Yonamine of the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) reported the following: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) -- The Department of Emergency Management (DEM) offers a 22 hour course to train citizens in disaster preparedness, disaster medical operations, light search and rescue and more. Call (808) 723-8960 or email to learn more.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Kalakaua Avenue and Halloween -- Perez-Garreaud requested that Kalakaua Avenue be closed on Halloween. Deputy Director Yonamine responded that he would look into the matter.

2. Parking In Waikiki -- Wilder expressed concerns regarding a lack of parking in Waikiki and inquired about efforts being taken to increase parking for residents. Deputy Director Yonamine responded that he would refer the inquiry to the Department of Transportation Services (DTS) and report back.

3. Traffic Camera Timetable -- Chair Finley inquired and Deputy Director Yonamine responded that he did not have a timetable for the installation of traffic cameras in Waikiki and would look into the issue more for future reports.

4. Police Presence in Waikiki -- Erteschik expressed concerns regarding increasing criminal activity in Waikiki and inquired about how to obtain additional police presence for Waikiki. Deputy Director Yonamine suggested referring inquires to HPD representatives at future meetings. Chair Finley reiterated community requests for HPD foot patrols or bicycle patrols to improve police presence. Resident Moskowitz expressed concerns that the planned security camera installations would not provide enough of a deterrence to criminal activity. Merz acknowledged the high operational costs associated with foot patrols and stated his opinion that the high tax revenue from Waikiki should warrant additional HPD resources being allocated to Waikiki. Henski suggested that a more proactive police presence in Waikiki could lead to a decrease in crime and provide a more efficient use of HPD resources.

5. Informational Personnel in Waikiki -- Shields stated that she had seen personnel placed throughout Waikiki for the purpose of providing information and assistance to visitors. Shields inquired about who employs these personnel and if they could be replaced with HPD personnel if they are City and County employees. Chair Finley responded that the informational personnel are employed by the Waikiki Business Improvement District Association who obtains funds through taxation on hotels.

Governor David Ige's Representative -- Deputy Director Lynn Fallin of the State Department of Health (DOH) Behavior Health Services Administration circulated a newsletter and reported the following:

• Affordable Housing -- Responding to previous inquiries Deputy Director Fallin stated that the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC) is working to develop rentals available for 60% to 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) of Honolulu. 803 new rentals are scheduled for development in 2018 with another 667 scheduled for 2019. Another 11,000 new housing units are in development by the Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA) throughout 10 different public housing sites on Oahu.

• Vacant Boat Slips at Ala Wai Harbor -- Responding to previous inquiries the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) provided Deputy Director Fallin with a handout stating there are approximately 96 vacant slips in the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor. Every two (2) years the Transpacific Yacht race arrives in the Harbor from California in July. During this time the harbor staff has to relocate approximately 40 or more vessels from the 500 row into all other vacant slips within the Harbor. Due to the need for space to relocate all of the vessels, slip offers are withheld starting at the beginning of June. Almost all of the 500 row tenants are relocated for the month of July. After all transpacific vessels leave the harbor tenants are able to return to their slips on 500 row. Slip offers normally commence again in the month of August. Staff did not send out any slip offers in August, 2017 due to the large pier replacement project that was starting in the Kewalo Basin Harbor. Approximately 50 vessels located at the Kewalo Basin Harbor needed to vacate and relocate to other harbors including the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor. The process of relocating into the Harbor began in August, 2017 and ended in September, 2017. Now that the Kewalo Basin Harbor vessels have all been relocated, the staff will work on sending out slip offers to the next available people on the waitlists.

• Honeybee Collecting Fees -- Responding to previous inquiries DLNR provided Deputy Director Fallin with a handout stating Honeybee collected mooring fees for vessels moored in their lease area. Any future developer will be allowed to assess fees for boat slips/mooring that is related to the proposed development. A spreadsheet was also provided outlining the revenue and expenses of the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor for Fiscal Year 2017.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Chop Shop -- Resident Moskowitz stated that the moped chop shop near the Waikiki Yacht Club had returned.

2. Missing Trolley Signs -- Resident Moskowitz stated that signs indicating trolley stops were removed from around the Ilikai Hotel area which created confusion among trolley riders and tourists. Moskowitz requested information on who the trolley signs belonged to and why they were removed from the area.

3. Honeybee Rent -- Flood inquired about rumors stating Honeybee was delinquent on paying rent to which Deputy Director Fallin stated she did not have an answer and would investigate the issue.

Councilmember Trevor Ozawa -- Councilmember Trevor Ozawa circulated a newsletter and reported the following:

• Rail Recovery Plan -- A special full council meeting was held on Friday, October 6, 2017 for the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit (HART) rail recovery plan. The plan passed despite Councilmember Ozawa's opposition and was sent to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Councilmember Ozawa voiced concerns regarding the addition of $160 million to the administration costs of HART in the plan and voiced opposition to the use of property tax for funding rail.

• Trikke in Waikiki -- Councilmember Ozawa stated his office was investigating the safety concerns regarding trikke segways operating on Waikiki sidewalks and examining possible solutions to address the issue.

• Sidewalk Bench Removal -- Councilmember Ozawa stated his office was working to remove multiple benches along sidewalks to provide better pedestrian access and deter homeless individuals from staging camps in Waikiki.

• Mobile Kiosks -- Councilmember Ozawa stated his office was investigating the issue of mobile kiosks operating on Waikiki sidewalks and examining possible solutions to address the issue.

• Bill 89 -- Councilmember Ozawa announced his recently introduced Bill 89 which prohibits the City from installing signs or traffic control devices to restrict left turns at the intersection of Kapiolani Boulevard.

• Active Shooter Training -- Councilmember Ozawa expressed his desire to schedule active shooter training in Waikiki to promote public safety.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Topgolf in Waikiki -- Resident Franklin Chung inquired and Councilmember Ozawa responded that topgolf was not part of Waikiki and should be addressed at the Diamond Head Neighborhood Board.

2. Approval Regarding Rail -- Erteschik expressed approval for Councilmember Ozawa's stance on rail and the recent rail recovery plan.

3. Public Private Partnerships (P3) -- Merz commented on future development plans around rail stations and expressed excitement for a variety of ongoing developments in Oahu. Merz advocated for the inclusion of private firms with the development of rail. Councilmember Ozawa stated not all stations have the capabilities to form P3s with private firms.

Senator Brickwood Galuteria -- No representative was present, no report was given.

Representative Tom Brower -- Representative Brower circulated a newsletter and reported the following:

• Ala Wai Harbor Statistics -- Representative Brower provided a list of projects funded by DLNR for the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor since 2000 which together totaled over $8 million.

• Neighborhood Concerns -- Representative Brower provided responses to concerns raised by residents at past meetings:

o Complaints regarding a homeless encampment at the Ala Wai Promenade have been sent to the Governor's Homeless Coordinator. It should be noted that homeless cannot be forced to accept services and/or relocate to a shelter.

o Representative Brower's office is following up with the City to provide a fence for an empty lot on Mountain View Drive where a previous fence was dug up.

o Emails and pictures regarding delivery trucks parked against the flow of traffic on Ala Wai Boulevard have been forwarded to HPD.

• Affordable Housing -- Representative Brower participated in a number of meetings with the Governor's Office and Senate to craft and move legislation that would benefit Act 127 which passed in 2016 and established a production target of 22,500 affordable rental housing units ready for occupancy between January, 2017 and December, 2026.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Reported Slips for Ala Wai Funding -- Flood inquired and Representative Brower clarified that the number of slips reported for the various projects referred to the number of harbor slips that would have been affected by the project.

2. Kaka'ako Park -- Erteschik inquired and Representative Brower responded that due to unsanitary conditions created by encampments Kaka'ako Park was closed on Sunday, October 8, 2017. Representative Brower stated that the relocation of homeless individuals from the park is an ongoing operation.

3. Environmental Impact of Development -- Erteschik voiced concerns regarding developers of affordable housing stating that work on Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and similar documentation slowed down development. Representative Brower stated that there were no plans to remove EIS' or similar documentations from the process to develop affordable housing, however his office was examining ways to make the documentation processes more efficient.

4. Ala Wai Harbor Conditions -- Henski voiced concerns regarding trash and bacteria in the Ala Wai Canal and criticized a lack of effort to sanitize the canal and harbor. Henski commented on the report provided which did not indicate any recent allocation of funds for the sanitization of the harbor. Representative Brower responded that he would look into additional action that could be taken for the sanitization of the harbor and canal and would look into the possibility of more recent actions that were not reported on.

5. Loss of Federal Funding -- Shield inquired why the City lost $2.4 million in federal funding. Representative Brower responded that he was unsure, however he theorized this could be attributed to funds being reallocated to agencies and projects outside of the City.

Waikiki Improvement Association -- Rick Egged reported the following:

• Upcoming Bill Reading -- The Waikiki Transportation Management Association will have a Bill read at the City Council on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

• Homeless in Waikiki -- Egged stated that the Waikiki Improvement Association is aware of the growing concerns from residents regarding homeless in Waikiki and is looking into addressing these concerns. Egged stated the Waikiki Improvement Association is working alongside Councilmember Ozawa's Office to remove bench placements that had been used as encampment sites by homeless individuals.

• Ala Wai Canal -- Egged discussed the Army Corps of Engineers' plans to address flood risks associated with the Ala Wai Canal and proposed alternatives to the Corps' plans. Egged reported that the legislature appropriated roughly $18 million for the purposes of dredging the canal and improve the canal's wall structure.

Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

1. Resident Parking in Waikiki -- Flood inquired and Egged responded that there are plans to develop car decals or similar markings that would differentiate Waikiki resident's cars from visitor's cars to improve the access to parking for residents.

2. Silt Basins for Golf Courses -- Resident Chung inquired about silt basins being built on golf courses around the Ala Wai Canal to which Egged responded that he did not have any information at the time. Resident Chung also inquired and Egged responded that he did not have any information concerning the Ala Wai driving range and Topgolf.

3. Wall Surrounding Ala Wai -- Henski inquired and Egged clarified that DLNR has allocated funds to repair the current wall surrounding the Ala Wai canal, however they have no plans to increase the height of the wall. Henski voiced concerns regarding the recent hurricane initiated flooding throughout the mainland and inquired if the possibility of similar flooding in the Ala Wai is being addressed. Egged responded that he did not have an answer at the time, however he would investigate the issue and gather more information. Egged and Chair Finley discussed the possibility of the Waikiki Improvement Association and other similar groups compiling presentations for the Neighborhood Board regarding the issue. Merz commented on the recently developed Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency (CCSR) and their work addressing the issue of the Ala Wai Canal possibly flooding.

4. Panhandling Legislation -- Egged acknowledged and voiced approval of the prior discussions regarding introducing anti-panhandling legislation to Waikiki.


The September 12, 2017 regular meeting minutes were APPROVED BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT, 11-0-0; (AYE: Carroll, Erteschik, Fahey, Finley, Flood, Giventer, Henski, Merz, Perez-Garreaud, Shields, and Wilder; NAY: None; ABSTAIN: None).


Treasurer's Report -- Shields reported the remaining balance for Neighborhood Board #9 Waikiki as of October, 2017 was $392.97.

Subdistrict 1 -- There was no report.

Subdistrict 2 -- Flood reported that the Rotary Club of Honolulu recently raised over $250 thousand for the construction of the proposed Centennial Park.

Subdistrict 3 -- There was no report.

Chair Report -- Chair Finley reported that the November, 2017 Board Meeting is scheduled to have updates on the Ala Wai Bridge, BWS efforts to install a new water main on Kalakaua Avenue, and briefings on an upcoming conference regarding sex trafficking.


• The next regular Waikiki Neighborhood Board No. 9 meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

• View this meeting on Olelo Channel 49 at 9:00 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday each month, and at 6:00 a.m. on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. View online at:

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Submitted by: Jackson Coley, Neighborhood Assistant I

Reviewed by: Dylan Whitsell, Public Relations Specialist

Final Review: Chair Robert Finley

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